Prohexadione Calcium 10%WDG

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5-1000 Grams Prohexadione Calcium 10%WDG




Prohexadione Calcium 10% WDG plant growth regulator

CAS No. 127277-53-6 Molecular Weight 186.21
Molecular C12H10O2 Purity 95% TC
Appearance yellow powder Melting Point above 360°C



1: inhibit the Plant internode, and Increase Lodging resistance.

When inhibit the longitudinal elongation of plant internode, Prohexadione calcium also promote lateral growth of the internode, to increase lodging resistance.

2: Protect the activity of gibberellin to avoid the crop premature aging

Prohexadione calcium mainly prevent the conversion from GA20 to GA1, but it doesn’t prevent the conversion from GA12 to GA4 and GA7. GA1 is very active in promote elongation of plant stem or plant internode. GA4 and GA7 are both active to promote fruit growth and increase yielding. Thus Prohexadione calcium can increase more yileding and protect the activity of gibberellin to avoid the crop premature aging.



Keep in cool and dry place, sealed container.



Safety information:

Personal protective Equipment: Dust mask, Eye shield and Gloves

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5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000