GA3 90% Gibberellic Acid

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5-1000 Grams GA3 90% Gibberellic acid TC plant growth regulator.



Gibberellic acid GA3 90% TC plant growth regulator

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•Selected GA3 Gibberellic Acid 90%
•Measuring & mixing Spoon
•Detailed instructions for use

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Gibberellic acid GA3 90% TC plant growth regulator
•Purity: 90% min.
•Melting Point :233 – 235 ºC
•Loss on Drying : 1.0% max.
•Residue on ignition :0.1% max.
•Packing :aluminum seal foil bag
•Storage : Keep in cool and dry place, sealed container.


Although GA3 is not listed as a poison, the following precautions should be observed. Flush with water any GA3 that may get into the eye. Avoid skin contact if possible and wash away any contact with soap and water. Avoid ingestion of GA3.

Gibberellic acid (also called Gibberellin A3, GA, and GA3) is a hormone found in plants and fungi. Its chemical formula is C19H22O6. When purified, it is a white to pale-yellow solid.

However, plants produce low amount of GA3, therefore this hormone can be produced industrially by microorganisms. Nowadays, it is produced by submerse fermentation, but this process presented low yield with high production costs and hence higher sale value. One alternative process to reduce costs of the GA3 production is Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) that allows the use of agro-industrial residues.

Gibberellic acid is a simple gibberellin, a pentacyclic diterpene acid promoting growth and elongation of cells. It affects decomposition of plants and helps plants grow if used in small amounts, but eventually plants develop tolerance to it. GA stimulates the cells of germinating seeds to produce mRNA molecules that code for hydrolytic enzymes. Gibberellic acid is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in plants controls their development. Since GA regulates growth, applications of very low concentrations can have a profound effect while too much will have the opposite effect. It is usually used in concentrations between 0.01 and 10 mg/L.

Plant growth regulator Gibberellic Acid used on plants for:

•Increase plant or crop yield

•Enable greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism

•Allow the production of bigger leaves, and bigger root system

•Increase cell growth in stems,leaves and roots

•Used for production of elongated stems in plants grown as standard and half-standard horticulture crops.

•Can be used to increase stem length in a number of flower crops grown for the flower trade.

•Increase flower size

•Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seed or plugs.

•Used to help plants suffering nutrient and growth deficiencies

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