Buy Plant Growth Regulator


Are you looking for new opportunities to grow your fruit, vegetable, plants or flowers differently?

Stop looking, use plant growth regulatorĀ 


Plant Hormones are used on plants for:

– inhibit the growth of buds lower down the stems
– bud growth, and seed and bud dormancy.
– Increase plant or crop yield
– accelerate the formation of the root
– increase the fruit setting and prevent fruit dropping
– Enable greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism
– Allow the production of bigger leaves, and bigger root system
– influence cell division and shoot formation
– Increase cell growth in stems,leaves and roots
– Used for production of elongated stems
– Can be used to increase stem length in a number of flower crops grown for the flower trade
– Increase flower size
– Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seed or plugs
– induce callus initiation,
– reduce apical dominance
– break lateral bud dormancy and retard aging
– stimulate rooting of cuttings
– improve fruit set, change male / female ratio of flowers
– generate separation tissue, which will help the leaves drop naturally

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